Now we are in an age of constant and rapid change, for instance, modern information technology, global commodity and trade transfer, transformation of enterprise business models, emergence of all kinds of new economies, a low-carbon economy and the popularity of environmental protection concept…..In such a fast changing era, in the face of opportunities and challenges brought by constant changes, as educators we shoulder important missions and responsibilities.


In July 2010, the Faculty of Management and Economics of Dalian University of Technology were founded with glorious history and impressive achievements. In 1980, the National Center for Industrial Science and Technology Management Development Dalian (Department of Management Engineering), one of the cooperation projects by Chinese and American government, was established and opened a brand new page of China's modern management education with the leap from scratch. For the past thirty years, we have been committing ourselves to the faith of “profound knowledge could create new, behavior in honest could excels the world” and exploring own potential, broadly absorbing peer experience, initiating reforms, building a team led by academician and high-level teacher and forming a layout of crossing four disciplines with national level-1 key disciplines and targeted national key disciplines. Academic achievements of the Faculty retain its position in the forefront domestically and foster graduates throughout the world.


As the forerunner and the “Whampoa Military Academy” of China’s modern management education as well as the birth place of China’s MBA education, we never forget the encouragement of history and never forget the responsibility on our shoulders. Educating people with science is our task; diligence is our spirit; remarkable innovation is what we pursue. “Advance business knowledge, foster innovative talents, and fuel society development”. We are dedicated marching forward; we are on the way-----


Best Wishes,
Jingqing SU
Dean of Faculty of Management and Economics


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