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The Earliest Founder of China Case Study
The National Center for Industrial Science and Technology Management Development (at Dalian) introduced case study and simulated- decision- teaching into the training program for the first time in China. In 1980, the Case Center was established. Before the start of the program, five experts from the US and eight teachers from the Case Center complicated the case-composing group. This group had complied the first 83 volumes of Chinese teaching cases based on in-depth investigation and interview carried on the Chinese enterprises. By combining with the translation of hundreds of cases brought by American experts, in December 1980, the Center edited and published the first China’s case study book called “Introduction of Case Study” in details. Hereafter some universities and management training institutions began the trail of case study one after another. These became the wealth of the Case Center. In 1985, the book called “Compilation of Enterprise Management Case” was published officially.

China Management Case-sharing Center has the largest management case database in China with its operating mechanism located in the Faculty of Management and Economics.
China Management Case-sharing Center Introduction - China Management Case-Sharing Center was established in April 2007 with its operating mechanism located in the School of Management, which was the operator of the case-sharing center of the national universities with MBA programs designated by National MBA Committee.
With the guidance of “consistent criterion, all-around development, joint participation and resource sharing”, China Management Case-sharing Center has established the largest database in China of the longest history with more than 2,550 volumes of cases (including video cases), built case bases in more than 70 enterprises in China, and launched the electronic academy journal “Journal of Management Case Studies” in January 2008 , which is the first journal in China to focus on case study and teaching. To further promote the preparation of the localized cases, with the endorsement of the National MBA Committee, the first campaign of “Hundred Excellent Cases Evaluating Event” was initiated by China Management Case-sharing Center, and the “Hundred Excellent Cases Evaluating Event” were incorporated into the system of business management course assessment of the Ministry of Education with the approval of the 4th session of the 7th meeting of the National MBA Committee in Dec., 2010. 

Promotion of National Cases Study and Research and International Exchange and Collaboration
The School of Management was designated as the organization to promote the case study by the National MBA Committee in 1999. Five teacher training sessions of Management Case Development and Case Study have been completed by China Management Case-sharing Center with the participation of more than 500 experts and teachers from more than 200 schools with MBA programs.
China Management Case-sharing Center conducts extensive international exchange to enhance the international collaboration on case development and application. China Management Case Sharing International Forum was held in Kunming in Jan., 2010 and Shenzhen Jan., 2011, and the excellent and extensive collaboration has been established with Richard Ivey School of Business of Canada and other well-known universities to build the platform for exchange and share in the academy that strongly promotes the development of China’s management case study.



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