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Chinese Advanced Management Education Accreditation (CAMEA) is co-established by China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee and China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center in 2012. CAMEA strives to urge MBA / EMBA programs in China to achieve continuous improvement and innovation in MBA/EMBA education through self-reflection and self-summing up; it aims to build China's own standards in professional master education, improve the quality and international image of MBA/EMBA education and set up a self-managed education accreditation brand in China.The accreditation process includes enquiry, application, eligibility, self-assessment, on-site visit, conirmation and continuous improvement. The institutes which meet standards and get the approval of CAMEA committee will be awarded CAMEA accreditation of a period of three years or five years according to their overall excellence.

CAMEA is the most authoritative Chinese accreditation for MBA/EMBA programs. Based on the mature experience of AACSB and EQUIS, its process and standards are rigorous and precise. Meanwhile it is more focused on tackling the problems and promoting education innovation in Chinese context. Therefore it widely trusted by governments, universities and students. By October,2016, 13 institutes in mainland China have been awarded this accreditation.

FME initiated the application for CAMEA in 2015 and has undertaken a series of self-evaluation activities. In June 2016 FME was awarded CAMEA accreditation for a period of five years.We are pround to be the first CAMEA accredited business school in northeast China.



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