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With a focus on the construction of the quality assurance system for training new graduate talents of innovation and the optimization of the graduate training programs and curriculum system, FME is improving the academic ability and innovation capacity of the graduates to improve the student’s application skills via encouraging and promoting case teaching, practice- oriented teaching methods and advisory teaching methods, to improve the academic ability and the thesis quality via establishing the long-acting mechanism and inherent incentive mechanism for graduate education monitoring and guarantee and encouraging academic graduates to seek for academic excellence, to establish the graduate quality assurance system between FME and the inter-disciplinary subjects via implementing the systems of preliminary review and duplicate detection of all the thesis, and to improve the internationalization of the graduates via vigorously promoting the training of the graduates with the joints efforts of the well-known international universities and professors and encouraging the doctoral students to participate in the important academic conferences in their own fields.

In recent years, FME has been awarded by the university nearly ten awards of excellent teaching achievements; excellent curricula and more than 20 theses of the graduate students have been ranked quality master’s thesis.

Master Learning Goals:
Goal 1:
Graduates will possess good academic ethics and a rigorous scientific attitude.
Goal 2:
Graduates will master scientific management research methodologies.
Goal 3:
Graduates will possess the professional knowledge and be aware of cutting-edge dynamics relevant to their majors.
Goal 4:
Graduates will possess a capacity for scientific research and academic innovation.
Goal 5:
Graduates will be capable of critical thinking and analyzing and solving problems.


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