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The master degree of Executive Master of Business Administration (abbreviated as Executive MBA or EMBA) is one special form of Master of Business Administration(MBA). EMBA program is a kind of management master level education, which aims at higher managements from enterprise and government management of economy department. In August 2002, Dalian University of Technology became one of the earliest institutes in China to launch EMBA programs. So far, the EMBA program in Dalian University of Technology has been extended to Dalian, Shandong, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Shenyang, Shenzhen and Shanghai and other cities.

Innovative Curricular
FME relies on the talents, scientific research, and the special advantages of Dalian University of Technology to assist national key corporations, industries and regions. It creates customer-oriented courses, in addition to its core courses, to meet the particular needs of companies and customers for managerial personnel of a high level.

Excellent Teaching Team
Utilizing an international cooperative network built over the last thirty years, FME has formed an top teaching group from educational fields and industries, including overseas and domestic professors, as well as those of Dalian University of Technology. Each EMBA lecturer is hired to teach only one course.

Various Moving Classes
The moving class is an important EMBA teaching form in Dalian University of Technology. The EMBA students not only have practical activities in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Changchun, Qingdao, Kuerle, Qujing, Simao, and Jing Gang Shan, but also have the chances to go abroad to listen to lectures given by managerial experts at top universities, such as Stanford, Harvard, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Lifelong Intellectual Support
DUT Management Classroom---to invite renowned professors and business executives home and abroad to lecture the managerial personnel in enterprises.
EMBA Annual Party---to attend the excellent courses, high-end forums and fantastic parties.
EMBA/MBA Alumni Golf Club--- to keep alumni healthy and to build the platform for extensive collaboration.

EMBA Learning Goals
Goal 1:
Graduates will understand the importance of business ethics and social responsibility.
Goal 2:
Graduates will demonstrate a systematical understanding of managerial knowledge and be capable of analyzing and solving problems.
Goal 3:
Graduates will be effective leaders.
Goal 4:
Graduates will be able to conduct strategic decision-making.

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