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Do you want to learn the Chinese economy and experience Chinese management practice? Do you want to grow the intelligence, pursue the excellence with the leadership and achieve the success? Dalian University of Technology MBA will help you maximize your potential and realize their dreams.



We are in an era of constant and rapid change, for instance modern information technology, global commodity and trade transfer, transformation of enterprise business models, a variety of emerging economies, the rise of the low-carbon economy and the popularity of environmental protection ... in such a fast changing era, in the face of opportunities and challenges brought by constant changes, as educators we shoulder important missions and responsibilities.

Faculty of Management and Economics, Dalian University of Technology has a glorious history and impressive achievements associated with internationalization of MBA. Committed to cultivating management talents with a global vision and international literacy beyond borders in response to economic globalization, we are dedicated to extending the legacy inherited in the practice with Chinese characteristics to keep pace with global economic growing trends, which is our long-term development goal. We therefore made tireless efforts in terms of the human resources construction, research project application & management, syllabus & course development, management mode, resources allocation, organizational culture building, mindset development. As a pioneer of modern Chinese management education, we will keep heritage in mind, put responsibility on shoulders and strive forward.


Elite University in China

Dalian University of Technology is a national key university under the Ministry of Education of China. The university gains its prestige and reputation for its outstanding alumni and distinguished faculty. DUT strives to become an internationally renowned high level research university.

The foundation of Faculty of Management and Economics was laid in July 2010, by incorporating School of Management and Department of Economics. The Faculty offers both master programs and doctorate programs covering four disciplines of management, economics, engineering, and Science, involving 6 level-1 disciplines and 20 level-2 disciplines. With a wealth of first class teaching team who has achieved academic success and practical experience working, the Faculty is on the top list of accredited management and business schools in China. The Faculty not only ranks high for research productivity by undertaking a number of national major projects and international cooperation projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation, National Humanities, Social Science Foundations, and also supplies fruitful research and application development for decision-making and practical problems solving for all levels of government and enterprises. Currently, we have nearly four thousand students including more than 1200 undergraduate students, nearly 700 graduate students, more than 500 doctoral candidates and more than 1500 professional degree students.

Modern Pioneer of Management Education in China, China’s MBA Education Birthplace

Dalian University of Technology, a pioneer of management education in China, started to offer management program in 1980 when the Department of Management Engineering, the predecessor of Faculty of Management and Economics was established, as the same entity of China Industrial Technology Management Training Center (Dalian). The Faculty enjoys the reputation of “Whampoa Military Academy in modern management education” by introducing Modern Western Management Education into China. The training center offers high level training programs for government organizations and large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises in China, and has cultivated tens of thousands of senior management personnel, especially including a number of provincial and ministerial leaders together with high quality management teachers in colleges and universities.

In 1984, Dalian University of Technology began to offer MBA program, in cooperation with Buffalo Business School at New York State University, marking the beginning of MBA education in China. In the same year, the first set of modern management training materials (books) were published and sold well all over the country. In the mid-1980s, the first national case-study center was established to promote case teaching and research, being the world’s largest and highest quality Chinese management case bank. Owing to the above contribution, Dalian University of Technology is honored the “pioneer of modern management education in China, the birthplace of China’s MBA education, a pioneer of Case Study” domestically and internationally.

In 1993, Dalian University of Technology became one of the first 26 institutions granting MBA Degree in China; In 2002, one of the first 30 institutions granting EMBA Degree in China. We are also a member of the Asia Pacific Business School Organization (AAPBS) and the AACSB accreditation. 

A Combination of Modern Management Concepts, Methods and Management Practices

The modern management, originated in the West and rooted in Western culture, may confront collision when in the context of Chinese traditional culture. Meanwhile, the Chinese enterprise management directed by modern management theory has formed its own unique patterns. Dalian University of Technology MBA program strives to integrate China’s Business Environment, Cross-cultural Management with cutting edge management theory, enriching trainees’ understanding of Chinese culture along with corporate culture, equipping them with Chinese characteristic business environment, and modern management concepts, methods and practices to boost business and personal career development.

Internationalized Teachers Lead You to Success

Internationalized teachering team with a wealth of management theory and research background in global universities and research cooperation experience, profound knowledge and experience in management practices will undoubtedly enhance your ability in management research and practice, leading you to a career of success.

Establish a Broad Network of Contacts

Enjoy the rich resources of alumni; Build a new platform, vision and ideas. 

Faculty of Management and Economics has alumni of more than thirty thousand people by 2013, including the top state leaders in China such as WANG Zhaoguo, WEN Shizhen, WANG Senhao, the previous alternate committee member of China Central Government, the chairman of the board of Changhong Group--NI Runfeng, and the General Manager of the Sinopec Corporation-- WANG Tianpu, besides a large number of well-known experts and scholars.

The alumni network also links together more than 5,000 MBA students and more than 1,000 EMBA students, who win their fame in the field of manufacturing, energy, finance, IT, communications, transportation, commerce, services, government agencies and other businesses.




Ranks the TOP EIGHT of level-1 key disciplines of Business Administration in Disciplinary Assessment organized by the Ministry of Education in 2012

Ranks the TOP THREE of level-1 key disciplines of Management Science and Engineering in Disciplinary Assessment organized by the Ministry of Education in 2007

Ranks the FIRST in the EMBA Education Quality Assessment organized by Chinese MBA Education Steering Committee in July, 2006

Wins “Chinese MBA Education Development Award”, the only one Academy Award in the contest of 2006 China MBA character in December 2006, which was held by CCTV and other twenty mainstream media jointly organized by one hundred renowned Schools of Management in Asia-Pacific region.

Be designated as the Undertaker of National MBA Education institutions Case-Sharing Center by Chinese MBA Education Steering Committee in 2007. Currently, Dalian University of Technology has the world’s largest Chinese management case base with highest quality.

Ranks TOP TEN of “the Most Influential MBA” for six consecutive years in 2008-2013 on the list of “China’s most influential MBA School” jointly organized by the World Executive Group and the journal of “World Entrepreneur”.

Ranks TOP SIX of “the Most Valuable EMBA” for five consecutive years in 2009-2013



We are aiming to nurture international senior management personnel with innovative thinking and international perspective, with knowledge of multinational business model and Chinese business environment and competitive cross-cultural communication skills. 

Entry Requirements

Applicants should be the graduates from the higher education institutions recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education with a bachelor degree together with a minimum of three years’ work experience or an associate degree together with a minimum of five years’ work experience. Applicants should be non-Chinese nationality citizens under the age of 40 in good health. 

Admissions Process 
Applications are eligible before the end of June each year.

1.Log in the website of School of International Education, Dalian University of Technology and open the "Download" page (URL: http://dutsice.dlut.edu.cn/), download and fill out “the application form of degree students”;
2.Submit a copy of university degree certificates, transcripts, 6 pieces of passport photos (3cm * 4cm), a copy of passport, two recommendation letters from two associate professors or professors, and complete “the application form of degree students”. (Mailing Address: International Program Office (Room 319, C# building, South Gate), Faculty of Management and Economics, Dalian University of Technology, 2 Linggong Road, Dalian, China; zip code: 116024; tel: +86 411 84707461)
3.After the receipt of the applications submitted by the applicant, the school will issue the admission letter“JW202”for visa application, blank examination table and notification. 


time arrangements:

◎ intensive full-time study in English. 
◎ credit system. Students should complete 46 credits before applying for dissertation defense. 
◎ dissertation can be written in a variety of genres, such as business (project) planning, the diagnostic report or survey analysis report, entrepreneurial planning and case studies, etc. 
◎ students who complete the required credits and pass the dissertation for graduation will be awarded graduate diploma of Dalian University of Technology and master’s degree certificate in major of Business Administration issued by China’s State Council Degree Office after examination by the Degree Sub-Committee Assessment in Faculty and school’s degree evaluation committee. 
◎ 2 academic years. The learning period is no longer than four years.


Curriculum System

The minimum requirement for total credits is 46, of which 26 credits should be gained from required course, no less than 7 credits should be gained from practice.
The First-Class is the main teaching part complemented by the Second-Class. The Second-Class are mainly carried out in the form of company visits, practice and lectures on hot management issues. 


1.Registration fees:¥800
2.Insurance fees: ¥500/year 

Tuitions: 45,000 US dollars. All admitted students should pay tuition in one-time. The tuition fees shall be transfered directly to U.S.dollar account of Dalian University of Technology by students.

Bank Account for U.S. Dollars:

   A/C NO.299956297229
   BANK’S ADDRESS:9 ZhongShan Square Dalian,China

3.Living Expenses
(1)The Accommodation Fees (RMB)

Oversea Students Apartment ( stay shorter than 3 months) 


(2) The dining
Students can eat in the restaurants around the campus or each cafeteria on campus. Dining standard is approximately 8 ~ 10 dollars/ person/day. Students can also cook.


International Program Office, Faculty of Management and Economics,DUT
Address: 2 Linggong Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China
Tel: +86 411 8470 7704/8470 6578 ( Chinese)
   +86 411 8470 8908/8470 7461(English)
Email: iposom@dlut.edu.cn

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