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MBA program mainly aims at current position administrative person who has the working experience, and raises inter-disciplinary talents who have extensive knowledge and strong practice application ability, via systematically learning curricula related to management and a variety of business management functions related to enterprises management (such as operations management, financial management, human resources management, business strategy, etc.) 

Distinctive Curriculum
The first class is supplemented by the second class. The first classroom includes the introductory module, functional module, integrative module and the professional module. The second classroom is achieved by internship, overseas study tour, guest lecture, team work and social charity events etc.

Case Study
FME has been dedicated to the employment and exploration of the local business cases, by which the case study based teaching system with Chinese characteristics was formed. It took the initiative to compile and publish text books of local business cases, achieving the updated and efficient MBA education.
Through the combination of teaching plan, teaching method and business background of professors and students, the program could accomplish the spirit fostering and capability cultivation.

Public Activity Orientation
With the outbound training at the beginning of the program, National Entrepreneurship Case Competition, oversea study tour, on site instruction, international conferences, MBA annual party, the MBA/EMBA Education Center is making efforts to enrich MBA student’s life and fuel their career development.

MBA Learning Goals
Goal 1:
Graduates will understand the importance of business ethics and social responsibility.
Goal 2:
Graduates will demonstrate a systematical understanding of managerial knowledge and be capable of analyzing and solving problems.
Goal 3:
Graduates will demonstrate team spirit and leadership skills.
Goal 4:
Graduates will be able to conduct effective communication.
Goal 5:
Graduates will have an awareness of globalization.


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