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FME is committed to top-notch talents doctors’ cultivation. Through organizing a wealth of academic activities (research papers, PhD salon, etc.), FME strengthens the assessment and evaluation of outstanding doctoral students’ fund, enhances the level of academic research and the ability of independent innovation with rigorous dissertation review process by the proposal, the mid, the pre-defense and defense, and establishes individual scholarships of excellent doctoral dissertation (¥4000 / month), special scholarship of excellent doctoral dissertation (¥5000 / month), Awards for New Academic, Awards for Academic Star for fostering high level PhD dissertation. By now, many papers have been rated as outstanding doctoral dissertation. We vigorously promote graduate students’ joint education with the well-known universities and international well-known professors, and encourage doctoral students to participate in international academic conferences to increase the international level. Each year, ten doctors are funded to send abroad for one year study.

Doctoral Level Learning Goals:
Goal 1:
Graduates will possess good academic ethics and a rigorous scientific attitude.
Goal 2:
Graduates will master scientific management research methodologies.
Goal 3:
Graduates will possess a solid theoretical foundation and professional skills in their specialized fields.
Goal 5:
Graduates will possess the ability to independently conduct scientific research and academic innovation.
Goal 4:
Graduates will pay close attention to China’s management practice and have a global perspective.

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