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FME attaches great importance to the training of talents via the Quality Project to conduct fruitful work in terms of curriculum construction, specialty construction, and faulty development with the following achievements: two national quality curricula, five provincial quality curricula, one provincial demonstration (special) undergraduate major, one approved national construction project for demonstration curriculum offered in both English and Chinese, one provincial university faulty construction project, one demonstration zone of talent cultivation mode innovation of Ministry of Education, one award of national teaching achievement, two awards of provincial teaching achievement and one award of quality textbook.

The general enrollment and training of the undergraduates are conducted with a wide caliber training mode with the support of the advantages of the university’s in science and technology to allocate the faulty, curricula, practice and other resources, to coordinate between the first class and the second class, to optimize the knowledge structure, to enrich the social practices, to enhance capacity training, and to focus on the improvement of the students’ skills of learning, practicing and innovation; advocate and commit to the promotion of case-study, practical, analog and experimental teaching, focus on the combination of study and thinking, and create the excellent environment of thinking and innovation. Strengthen the international and inter-university collaboration and exchanges, implement the university undergraduate exchange programs for one or half a year with international well-known universities, and increase the number of visiting students for more students to have the experience of the second campus.

FEM offers four-year undergraduate program in the following majors:
▪ Information Management and Information Systems
▪ Logistics Management,
▪ Finance
▪ International Trade
▪ Business Management

Undergraduate Learning Goals:
Goal 1:
Graduates will understand the importance of business ethics and social responsibility.
Goal 2:
Graduates will understand the systematical fundamentals of business and the professional knowledge relevant to their majors.
Goal 3:
Graduates will be capable of critical thinking and analyzing and solving problems.
Goal 4:
Graduates will demonstrate team spirit and be able to collaborate productively with others.
Goal 5:
Graduates will be able to communicate effectively.
Goal 6:
Graduates will have an awareness of globalization.



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